The GSA: moving forward

Fields of transformation.

The GSA will be focusing on real transformation and the effectiveness of all stakeholders from 2020 onwards. In all competitions, the contribution to change in the fields where the challenges are most pressing is what matters most.


Where change is needed most.

The GSA is looking for solutions to the most important challenges.

The world is at a turning point: the climate crisis, the overexploitation of resources, the mass extinction of species and increasing social divisions have become increasingly urgent. Bolder and faster steps are needed, more significant and easily scalable contributions in the key fields, in short: real transformation toward a more sustainable way of life.


The GSA is focused on the fields in which special effort, increased innovation and rapidly scalable solutions are most urgently needed in order to realize the goal of sustainable development. The transformation fields for all competitions are derived from the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and the German government's sustainability strategy.