Deuter Sport with Vina Duke.

The cooperation between Deuter and its Vietnam-based partner Duke dates back to 1991. With only one other company, Duke is one of only two suppliers of Deuter, which further strengthens trust and partnership - even in times of crisis. The plannable and consistent order situation also guarantees secure jobs and prevents disproportionate working hours.

What is also special about the partnership is that Duke's responsibility goes beyond pure production at the two locations in Vietnam: both the production of the patterns by the Vietnamese patternmaker and pattern studio, as well as a large part of the international logistics with a buffer warehouse and product delivery to 35 countries worldwide, lie with Duke.

The Vietnamese partner is also a Bluesign system partner, one of the strictest standards for chemical safety in the textile industry. The Bluesign standard goes hand in hand with emission protection, increased resource productivity, water protection and occupational health and safety. In close cooperation with Duke and Deuter, as well as the deeper supply chain down to chemical suppliers, the entire product range was converted to fluorocarbon-free coatings.

Deuter itself has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2011 and is thus committed to the FWF Code of Labour Practices and Workers' Rights. In addition, the FWF trains both management and employees at Duke on site as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team at Deuter. Duke employees also have access to the independent FWF complaint hotline at all times, which ensures that the code is actually adhered to. The company has been Green Button certified since summer 2021. 

The scope of this partnership is enormous with over 3,000 employees and the production of over 3.5 million articles per year at the two production sites in Vietnam. Deuter is thus setting a clear example for medium-sized companies in the sports and outdoor sector and, as a pioneer in the field of fair and sustainable production, is showing how things can be done properly.

The jury selected the partnership between Deuter Sport and Vina Duke as one of the finalists in the "Global Corporate Partnerships 2022" category of the German Sustainability Award.