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International German
Sustainability Award.

Business cooperations that are committed to sustainability and take responsibility at their supply chains make an important contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

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Cooperations for
the 2030 Agenda.

Calling corporate partnerships at eye level.

Together with co-initiator Wilo, awards are given to companies based in Germany that, together with a partner company from a developing or emerging country, assume responsibility along their supply chain and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The aim of the award is to identify examples of particularly successful partnerships

that serve as role models and contribute to the necessary transformation towards more sustainable living and business. These partnerships are to be honoured, placed in the focus of a broader public and presented as good practices to other companies in Germany and worldwide.


Partnerships between companies / institutions based in Germany and in the Global South.


The application period runs from April 29, 2024 to July 29, 2024


Participating in the competition is free of charge.

Award ceremony

Renowned laudators announce the winners on 29 November 2024.

The way to the finish line.

Companies in Germany and the Global South apply in tandem

Using an online questionnaire, companies based in Germany can apply if they are committed to implementing the 2030 Agenda together with a partner company from the Global South and contribute to raising awareness of the issue among consumers and business partners. The term partnership is broadly defined and includes any kind of cooperation at eye level, at least in the medium term, whose added value for the partners is based on exchange and reciprocity.

The prerequisite for participation is that the partnership is currently running and the partner in the Global South agrees to participate. The applications will be evaluated by experts from the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), among others. The jury will decide on the winners, who will be announced at the 17th German Sustainability Award ceremony in Düsseldorf on November 29, 2024.


This was the jury 2023.

An independent jury decided on the finalists and winners based on the jury documents, personal expertise of the jurors, and insights from the stakeholder groups they represent. These were the jurors in 2023:

Dr. Günther Bachmann

Head of jury, former General Secretary of the Council for Sustainable Development

Nanda Bergstein

Chief Sustainability Officer, camm solutions

Prof. Dr. Julia Hartmann

Professor for management and sustainability, EBS University for Business and LAW

Dr. Axel Berger

Deputy Director, IDOS

Dr. Gabriele Geier

Head of Division, Agenda 2030, Poverty and Inequity, BMZ

Director, Federal Foundation Equality

Lisi Maier

Four great reasons to participate.


The winners receive their award in front of a large audience in a festive setting.


The finalists and winners have the opportunity to license the DNP seal to communicate their success.


The winners and finalists take part in the awards ceremony.

Role modeling

With their good example, the finalists and winners help to promote development cooperation in order to implement the Agenda 2030.

A big show for the best of the best.

Successful transformation concepts deserve attention right now, and the finalists deserve appreciation. The winners will receive their awards in front of guests from the business community, local governments, politics, research and civil society. It is their evening in the spirit of respect for the different paths to the same great goal.

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