1 and 2 December 2022

15th German Sustainability Award.

The two-day congress has developed into the central communication platform of the German sustainability scene since 2008. The 15th German Sustainability Day (GSD) focuses on the most important topics of sustainable development in companies and society.


The shapers of transformation will meet live and virtually in Düsseldorf on 1 and 2 December 2022. With the best minds and concepts, the German Sustainability Day will show how change can succeed more quickly.

Crises are opportunities for real transformation. Especially when we experience them directly. Extreme weather events demonstrate the progress of climate change. In Afghanistan, nation building according to our values of sustainable development is failing. A war is being waged in Ukraine that is disrupting our world order. The Corona pandemic has not yet been overcome. All this gives us awareness of the vulnerability of our systems. Time pressure is high, change will hurt. And it will only work if the business sector, communities, 

researchers and citizens shape it together. What will be important in the process? What are the most important steps? How can the key players around the world reach a consensus? How can the European "Green Deal" succeed? Top speakers from politics, business, research and civil society will discuss crucial questions with the participants on 1 and 2 December 2022 in Düsseldorf. The detailed congress program will be available here shortly before its start.



Highlights of the 14th GSD.

At the 14th German Sustainability Day on 2 and 3 December 2021, around 120 top speakers from politics, business, research and civil society discussed in Düsseldorf the question of how the necessary change can be achieved more quickly. Among the highlights were the presentations by Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber on the "Bauhaus of the Earth" and Dr. Ursula von der Leyen on the European Green Deal in the plenary session.

Forest Whitaker in Congress.

At the 14th GSD actor, director and producer Forest Whitaker spoke about his Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) founded in 2012. The global social network for peacebuilding with centers in South Sudan, South Africa, Uganda, the United States and Mexico supports the education of young people in regions of the world affected by conflict and armed violence so that they become leaders, mediators and peacemakers.

Focusing on climate change.

Year after year, the GSD has focused on cutting-edge climate research and scenarios against increasing climate change with the most experienced minds in the field. On the GSD stage among others Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Sir Bob Watson, Katherine Wilkinson, Prof. Mojib Latif, Prof. Johan Rockström and Prof. Otmar Edenhofer.


Sustainable Set.

The set design focuses on projection, resource-saving technology and reusable elements such as the information steles made of recycled PET bottles that have been reused year after year. Printed materials have largely been replaced by web and app-based content.

Portrait von Bundespraesident und Schirmherr Frank-Walter Steinmeier 2017.


The first patron in 2008 was the then acting Federal President Prof. Horst Köhler. Subsequently, Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel assumed patronage for several years. The patron of the tenth anniversary in 2017 was Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Bärbel Bas, current President of the German Bundestag, will be patron of the 15th GSA in 2022.