Seal of the GSA Design.

Sign of success.

The GSA seal signals sustainability – to customers, competitors, business partners, the media and the financial world. It ensures a competitive edge in the market and points consumers in the direction of sustainable alternatives.

Making sustainable design recognizable.

The nominees, finalists and winners represent pioneering achievements and can thus distinguish themselves in the competition.

The GSA seal is Germany's most prestigious recognition for exemplary ecological and social performance. And it counts abroad: "Made in Germany" also stands for sustainability and "Green Economy". That's why the seal is available in all languages for international communication, foreign branches and worldwide trade fair appearances.

With the GSA Design seal, the best participants of the competition document the sustainability of their products and services - towards all stakeholders. The external recognition shows sustainable alternatives and secures competitive advantages. The GSA seal enables consumers to choose products with which they themselves contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

Most coveted award of its kind.

According to a recent study by the University of Hohenheim on the importance of sustainability and environmental competitions in Germany, the GSA is both the best-known and most coveted award in this field (ranking first in each case). There are currently around 200 competitions with a focus on sustainability.

Source: University of Hohenheim, Dr. Beate Gebhardt, 2017

Use of license and processing fees.

The license and processing fees are used to enable a qualified assessment, jury work at the highest professional level, the organization of an appealing award ceremony and free participation in the competition by young designers, micro-enterprises and students. They are based on the possibilities of the participants.

More than one billion media contacts.

An Award is only as strong as the attention it receives. With over 7,000 reports, the GSA 2020 achieved a gross coverage of 1.4 billion media contacts throughout Germany. In addition to intensive press work, our organization cooperates with WELT, 3Sat/ZDF and other media partners from the daily and trade press as well as online media. Special inserts and advertisements introduce the stakeholders surrounding the GSA, generate press coverage and help to enhance the impact of the awards.