Josera petfood GmbH with
Agricare Enterprises Ltd Tanzania (Tanzania)

Josera petfood GmbH & Co. KG – Agricare Enterprises Ltd. Tanzania (Tanzania)

The centerpiece of the partnership between Josera petfood, the manufacturer of high-quality animal nutrition, and Agricare Enterprises, a Tanzanian agricultural expert company, is the initiative Family Cooperation for Food, also known as FCF. The initiative aims to improve nutrition and living conditions in East Africa, especially in Tanzania, by supporting local agricultural companies in developing sustainable and successful business models. Within the framework of the partnership, the develoPPP project "Milk production in Tanzania" was established with the goal of significantly and sustainably increasing and stabilizing the milk

production of Tanzanian dairy farms. Due to the characteristic dry periods in Tanzania, there is a frequent shortage of fodder for several months, which leads to a decrease in milk production of up to 50% periodically. The project aims to counteract this by further qualifying Tanzanian consultants and dairy farms in fodder conservation, efficient animal husbandry and high-quality animal nutrition. In line with the company's philosophy of "pioneers and masterminds for sustainable nutrition”, the project will be multiplied throughout Tanzania by the end of the year.

On 15 October 2019, the jury of the German Sustainability Award will decide on the Top 3 and the winner.