Kipepeo-Clothing with
Kiboko Leisure Wear

Kipepeo-Clothing with
Kiboko Leisure Wear (Kenia)

The product idea of Kipepeo-Clothing originated during a school project in Tanzania and found its successful implementation in the partnership between Kipepeo-Clothing and Kiboko Leisure Wear. Together, the two companies produce and commercialise adult, children's and baby clothing, whose designs are drawn by children in Eastern Africa in nature history classes. The entire cooperation is based on the basic principles of wholeness, sustainability, transparency and fairness. Therefore, sustainable clothing made of 100% organic cotton is used. Kipepeo-Clothing is GOTS certified and Kiboko Leisure Wear is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

For both companies in the partnership, fair wages are a matter of principle. In addition, Kipepeo and Kiboko have each set up a social fund for their employees. For every piece of clothing produced from organic cotton, this fund is paid into. The money is used to provide education for the employees' children and to grant small loans. Kipepeo-Clothing also supports three school projects in Tanzania and Kenya by paying school fees and providing equipment. Since 2013, it has also been financing the rental costs of a complete school site and has been able to add a fully equipped computer room to another school.

Both companies want to raise awareness for fair fashion, which is why 17 lectures and workshops were held in 2019 already. In order to avoid the waste of any production residues, these are further processed into school pencil cases, suit flies or make-up remover pads. All products are shipped worldwide CO2-neutral and experiments are being conducted on compostable paint. Meanwhile, production is also being extended into the local market in Kenya, which in turn creates and secures new jobs.

In addition to the existing partnership, importance is also placed on cooperation with personal contact, long-term business relationships and a local value chain. The cotton is sourced from a smallholder cooperative, the Biosustain, in Tanzania. The raw material is then spun into yarns by the partner company Sunflag Tanzania and then manufactured into jersey fabrics. As a result of the cooperation with Kipepeo-Clothing, Kiboko was able to increase its sales of organic products by 75% by 2019.

The jury honours the partnership between Kipepeo-Clothing and Kiboko Leisure Wear with a nomination among the top 3 in the category "Corporate Partnerships 2020" of the German Sustainability Award.