Port International GmbH with

Port International GmbH with CAPEBOSAN (Peru)

Port International GmbH, a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Hamburg, has been in the banana import business for over 100 years. With bananas as its core product, Port International has been able to carry out considerable development work in Latin America over the years. Together with the banana cooperative CAPEBOSAN, Port International contributes significantly to local economic development in Peru. Among other achievements, CAPEBOSAN was able to obtain the Organic,

Global G.A.P. and Fairtrade certifications within four months thanks to financial backing and minimum purchase quantities provided by Port International. As a result of the boost in export income in addition to the Fairtrade Premium and other loans from Port International, CAPEBOSAN was able to provide both established and new farmers with a comparably secure and fair source of income as well as implement a number of beneficial sanitary, social and infrastructural projects.

On 14 November 2018, the jury of the German Sustainability Award will select the top 3 entries and the winner.