PRIMAVERA Life GmbH with
Kam Spices Trading
Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

PRIMAVERA Life GmbH with
Kam Spices Trading Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

PRIMAVERA Life GmbH sells organic and natural cosmetics as well as aromatherapy products in close cooperation with Cambodian Kam Spices Trading Co., Ltd., which produces high-quality essential cajeput oil. The cajeput leaves needed to produce the oil are harvested by controlled wild collection, which in certain cases can prevent the displacement of biodiverse habitats by sugar cane. Fair, above-average prices

provide a secure source of income for the collectors, making the rural area more attractive and minimizing rural depopulation in turn. On-site distillation allows the entire value chain to remain in the growing region. Kam Spices Trading Co., Ltd. has been able to close the long-standing supply gap of cajeput oil due to benzene contamination with a carefully controlled, clean product to the direct benefit of PRIMAVERA Life.

On 14 November 2018, the jury of the German Sustainability Award will select the top 3 entries and the winner.

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