FashionPower with Jinxia, Taicang Fangke, Ortex and Huatai.

Together with its Chinese partners Jinxia, Taicang Fangke, Ortex and Huatai, FashionPower has been pursuing the goal of making its supply chains sustainable and fair for over 20 years. In doing so, it relies on resource-saving methods of recycling and upcycling; the ecological and social successes are remarkable:

70-80% of the harmful chemicals normally used to guarantee the functionality of sports and outdoor clothing are replaced by carbon from coffee grounds and coconut shells. The recyclable waste products provide breathability, absorb 90% of all odours and offer safe UV protection. For the dyeing of the textiles, the proven Dope-Dye process is used. Here, textile dyeing takes place at the same time as fibre spinning and production, making use of synergy effects. Overall, water and energy consumption are reduced by 60% in the manufacture of the products, and Co2 emissions can be radically lowered with a 60% reduction.

On a social level, the corporate partnership also leads the way in sustainable supply chains in the textile sector: Since orders are received regularly and predictably by the partners in China, they can not only create secure jobs, but also pay living wages, insure their employees and reduce overtime.


In addition, FashionPower invests in initiatives and certifications such as the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Green Button to ensure that all processes are carried out under defensible conditions.  The company also supports educational programmes for pupils and students.

The circular and fair production, which has already resulted in 560,000 items made from recycled or upcycled materials, is admittedly somewhat more costly, which also means that the prices for the products are slightly above average. In turn, the manufacturers thus earn enough to recoup their investments and pay their employees adequately.

The jury selected the partnership between Fashion Power and Ortex, Jinxia, Taicang Fangke, and Huatai among the finalists in the category "Global Corporate Partnerships 2022" of the German Sustainability Award.