The National German
Sustainability Award

The Awardat a glance.

The award is endorsed by the German Federal Government, local and business associations as well as numerous NGOs, among them UNESCO and UNICEF. The awards are presented to cities, companies and individuals promoting the idea of a sustainable society by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel or other members of her cabinet. The German Sustainability Award was established in 2008 to encourage the acceptance of social and ecological responsibility and to identify role models in this area.

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The Ceremony isdesigned as a gala.

The Awards Ceremony is designed as a gala night including film clips, tribute speeches, appearances by prominent musicians and guests of honour. The latest Awards Ceremony took place on Friday, November 25th, 2016. Approximately 1,200 invited guests attended, among them the chief executives of national and international companies, well-known sports, TV and movie personalities, representatives of local and national governments as well as individuals renowned for their efforts in promoting the idea of sustainable development through their commitment to NGOs, foundations and trusts. Roughly 150 members of the national and international media were covering the event.


Since 2008 the Honorary Award has been presented to 37 personalities
that put their public persona to good use.