Preiskugel Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis

The 13th German Sustainability Award

A new start in sustain­ability.

2020 is a turning point: More than ever, role models are needed who can drive change forward and use the crisis as an opportunity for real transformation. Europe's most prestigious award for ecological and social commitment now seeks and awards prizes for the best concepts against global warming, resource overexploitation, species extinction and social division.

The corona crisis provides direct experience of how to deal with threats such as those that may arise even if global warming continues unchecked.
More awareness of the vulnerability of our systems. Important insights into resilience, adaptation and renunciation. New ideas for a different lifestyle.

The DNP is the platform for the best ideas and most effective measures to prevent crises and secure our common future.

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In cooperation with the German federal government and other partners, the GSA recognizes pioneers of sustainability in the categories of companies, design, municipalities, architecture, research, start-ups (NEA) and packaging.


A network of sustainability.

The GSA is consistently undertaken as a multi-stakeholder project. The award is backed by the German Federal Government and numerous other groups of stakeholders from industry, research and civil society. The diversity of our institutional partners strengthens the award. The foundation is committed to the best possible implementation, transparency and independent moderation of the GSA.


13th annual German Sustainability Day.

The GST is the leading gathering of German experts from the sustainability scene: in Düsseldorf on 3 and 4 December 2020, entrepreneurs, top politicians, representatives of civil society and local governments, students and start-ups will be meeting for the 13th time. The focus will be on how society can manage to transform itself in sustainable ways can be achieved more quickly.

Speisen und Getraenke des Green Events beim Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitstag.

Sustainable Event.

The GSA is comprehensively aligned with the principles of sustainable event management year round. The GSA prioritizes the consistent avoidance of environmental pollution over compensation. The GSA is a climate-neutral project.


Nearly a billion media contacts.

A project is only as strong as the attention it receives. With over 5,000 reports, the GSA 2019 achieved a gross coverage of 935,921,083 media contacts throughout Germany. In addition to intensive press work, our organization cooperates with WELT, 3Sat/ZDF and other media partners from the daily and trade press as well as online media. Special inserts and advertisements introduce the stakeholders surrounding the GSA, generate press coverage and help to enhance the impact of the awards.


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