Role models and pioneers.

The competitions
at a glance.

In 2024, the GSA will award sustainability pioneers in the categories companies, architecture, sport, international GSA, and, for the first time, health and products.

Wanted: Impactful
Contributions to Transformation.

The GSA recognises groundbreaking steps towards a sustainable future in all competitions.

The award is based on the goals of the 2030 Agenda and thus on the key transformation fields. The competitions focus on the fields in which there is particularly great pressure for action. They reflect the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goals of the German government's sustainability strategy:

Climate, nature, resources, supply chain and society. The urgency of action in these fields is the leading narrative of the GSA. Interested parties can in principle participate in several of the following competitions, depending on their focus:

2023 and 2024 are years of change and further development: the award for companies has been comprehensively redesigned, the GSA Sport, the International GSA, the GSA Health as well as the award for products celebrate(d) its premiere,

The Municipal award is currently being revised, some special awards have expired. Below you find information on theses awards and former finalists and winners.